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Episode 2 – Getting Social Beyond Social Media – Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti [Podcast]

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Episode 2Getting Social Beyond Social Media

People are losing face to face contact.  There is home schooling, working from home, solo-entrepreneurs, single parenting and much more.  Distance over internet makes people bold, they feel comfort behind electronics.  Interacting face to face, shy people feel more uncomfortable and their not forced to socialize.

How do you get social away from the phone?


  • Go and get face to face with others, and put the phone away.
  • Go to the same place and same time every week and possibly you will see the same people every week and make a connection.
  • Start going to meetups groups.

Patti’s view:

  • Stretch out of your comfort zone.
  • People cut themselves off from social opportunities before they even get there.

Strategy – Pick a place and go once a week.  Get past the What IF of past fear of rejection.  Sometimes you may never know who you may meet by taking a chance.  Take the risk and leave the what-ifs behind.  The most fun times, has been talking to strangers about the weirdest things!

Angela’s view:

Connecting to your heart and writing exercise.

What do you want to experience socially?

  • Not everyone wants romance.
  • If someone invites you to go somewhere.  Say yes.
  • Find people with same interests as you.

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