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The Power of Positivity in Negative Surroundings!

The Power of Positivity in Negative Surroundings:

How do we reflect positivity when surrounded by negativity?  Negative thoughts are hazardous to our body, mind and spirit.  Constant negativity can drag us down into depression, illness and so much more.  We all go through times having a poor attitude.  Bad things happen, disappointment occurs, betrayal takes place, and life sometimes plain sucks.  How do we overcome the turmoil all around us, so we don’t get caught up in this vicious cycle?  Well, we have to identify the unpleasant behavior and know when it is happening.

How do you know when you are in a negative environment?

  1.  You feel uncomfortable, unappreciated or disrespected.
  2.  Conversations tend to make you feel upset, angry, sad, aggressive or mentally exhausted.
  3.  No motivation of wanting to get up in the morning to go to work.
  4.  Feeling sick more and more often.

Here are a few tips to halt negativity:

  1. Remove yourself from conversations which make you feel upset and mentally exhausted.  If possible, change the subject to something else.
  2. Limit contact with people who are passive/aggressive, critical, harsh, rude or sarcastic.
  3. Replace complaining and negative self-talk with something you are grateful for in life.
  4. Make deliberate choices to say no to things you don’t want to participate in.

What are the benefits of positivity:

  1. Positive thinking attracts good things in life.
  2. Having a positive outlook creates meaningful relationships.
  3. Being positive decreases depression.
  4. Positive thoughts increase motivation, inspiration and creativity.
  5. Being positive improves the immune system.


Having a positive outlook increases motivation, creativity, better health, and improves relationships.  Negative thinkers tend to have more health issues than an optimist.

Reflection Question:

How can you have more positivity at work and at home?

Call to Action:

Take your answer to this question and continue to work on strategies to combat negativity in your life.

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Positivity in Negative Surroundings!

  1. Great advice to remember when the negativity starts to overpower the positivity. But it can be very hard to separate yourself from the negative attitudes of those with whom you are in daily contact with. So I love the action items here to help me out. I don’t want to be the one with the negative attitude. I want to be the positive attitude that restores balance and creates joy.

  2. Great advice Patti. When I’ve found myself surrounded by negativity, I noticed a downward spiral to notice more of the negative stuff. And that’s not me. I enjoy being upbeat, happy and bringing joy.

    For me, cutting or reducing ties with my ‘drains’ has worked wonders.

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