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Networking with Ease


For some networking is very uncomfortable.  Is being at a large networking event overwhelming for you?  Does introducing yourself and talking to others you don’t know hard?  Do you feel like you have to sell yourself and your business and you don’t like it?  Does this describe you when networking?  

Okay, let’s discuss some strategies on how to network with ease.

  • Find networking groups that interest you and your type of business.  Then schedule it on your calendar and start to prepare to go.  Do a little research about the networking event so you know what to expect.
  • Write a quick little speech to introduce yourself and your business.  Memorize and constantly practice it.   This way it flows out naturally and with ease.
  • Think about what you want from this networking opportunity and make a plan of action.
  •  Have questions practiced to ask others and some answers ready to reply back.
  • Smile when speaking with others and be interested in what they are saying.
  • Have business cards and brochures available to give out.
  • Follow up with the people you really connected with at the event.  Follow up may include via email or connecting with them on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

I have personally met a couple of people at networking groups and we have become good friends.  I still keep in touch with others I have met through networking via Facebook and LinkedIn.  You just never know who you might meet when networking.  Practice your little speech and remind yourself that networking is a great opportunity for you and your business.


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Leadership Interview

A while back I was interviewed by one of my coachees  on Leadership.  I would like to share with you the interview. 🙂

  1. How do you model the way?  Answer:  By leading by example.  Sharing your vision and expectation.  Discussing goals with staff and having them set goals for themselves.
  2. How do you inspire a vision? Answer:  Sharing your vision consistently, constantly and the progress of the vision.
  3. Do you or have you challenged the process? In what way? Answer:  Many times, presenting the challenge in a professional way and the process with management, staff and having a solution for a better way.  Asking to implement it and why.  Taking the risk and being responsible for it if it fails.  Learn from your mistakes and always keep trying to improve.
  4. How do you enable other to act?  Answer: Communicating, coaching and leading by example.  Networking and showing the way.
  5. How do you or do you encourage the heart of your followers? Building heart felt relationships is the key to building trust and followers.  Be honest and open and letting others be open and honest even when you don’t like what is being said.  Self-reflection and others sharing self-reflection.  It takes time but it is worth the investment.
  6. How do you effectively communicate? Answer:  Asking questions, reflecting what was said and making sure you are really listened and understood what was said.
  7. Is it difficult to create a motivational environment? Answer:  Yes and no.  It depends on the environment and what behaviors that have been acceptable.  Everything takes time and investment.  Praising people when they do a good job.  Coaching them when improvement is needed.  Being honest and open about things addressing concerns and sharing accomplishments.
  8. How do you manage performance? Answer:  I motivate within.  I have coaches and mentors in areas of where I need to improve.  They help me with self-reflection and to be motivated in areas that are challenging and hold me accountable for the goals I set.
  9. How do you deal with underperformance? What are the special techniques you use?  Answer:  Coaching is so powerful.  Discussing with the employee the areas they are underperforming and coaching towards solutions to succeed.  Setting up goals and ways to succeed.  One on one meetings weekly to discuss progress.  What is working what is not.  Try different ways of communications and training until they find what clicks.
  10. How do you know when it is your duty to act? Answer:  When someone is struggling, complacent, lacking motivation, bad attitude towards job or others.  It is time to find out what is causing it.  Is it time to give them a new project, some additional training or setting new  goals.  Asking questions  at the one on one session helps with a plan of action.  I really enjoyed the questions she asked me and the interview.  My wish is this interview inspired you in your daily walk as a Leader. ~ Patti 🙂

Question:  What Leadership questions would you like me to answer?   To ask  questions scroll down to “Leave a Reply”.

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