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Muddy Waters

This summer I was sitting by the river watching it flow.  The river was very muddy from the day before rain.  The thought came to me.  We are like a river at times.  Sometimes we are crystal clear, on the right path and other times we are just plain muddy.  In the times of a muddy river we make mistakes, mishaps, miss the path, and even lose relationships.  We get down in the mud and get stuck.   The mud seems to be pulling down hard.  We all get immovable at times and can’t seem to step out of the same old misery.  Sometimes we are so deep we can’t see a way out.  Other times we are on the edge of the mud and are slipping just hanging on by a slimy rock.  Sometimes our feet are just sinking very slowly but we can help ourselves by reaching for a limb.

If you are stuck in that muddy river why not ask for assistance and have the life you really want.  Peace, joy, happiness and love.  It is never too late to climb out of the muddy river.  There is a limb (a coach) wanting to pull you out just reach for it.  The limb is waiting for you with open branches.  Take a chance it is worth the adventure.    ~ Patti

Questions:  What flowing river are you?  Where do you want to be?

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