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5 Ways to Find Inner Balance in a Hyper-Connected World

The modern world is always on. From phones that never stop ringing to email inboxes flooded with messages, it’s hard to find peace. You’re overwhelmed, tired, and trying to keep up. Fortunately, there’s a better way to find balance in your life.

Try these strategies to coexist with technology and still have inner peace:

1. Focus on creating a healthy relationship with technology. Between work, family, and friends, you may be online frequently. Your job may require you to use email, or your kids may text you updates. How do you find a balance amid the technology?

Craft a relationship that is based on intent. Mindless surfing online can waste your time, so ensure you have a definite purpose when you use technology. All of your online actions need a reason.

2. Live with technology instead of for it. Technology and being connected doesn’t have to absorb your entire life.

Keep in mind that technology is a tool. Avoid making it the focus of your day or life.

3. Disconnect on a frequent basis. It’s crucial to take breaks from always being connected to everyone through your phone, email, and social media.

Take a tech break each week. Experts recommend setting aside the weekends for spending time with family and friends. Avoid surfing online, sending text messages, or uploading photos. Instead, interact with real people in the real world.

It’s important to warn your connections ahead of time so you don’t cause concern when you suddenly “disappear.” They’ll get used to you taking weekends and vacations away from technology.

4. Manage your connections. Do you really need to keep up with every person from your old school days? How many times do you need to check your social media accounts for new messages?

It’s important to find a balance between keeping up to date with your connections and always being available. Of course, you want to stay in touch, but it doesn’t have to be an hourly issue.

Try limiting the number of connections in your life to those that are important to you.

Although it may hurt some feelings, consider “unfollowing” some people on social media, so you don’t have to be part of their drama anymore. Do what you can to maintain a stress-free social circle.

5. Partake in activities that reduce stress. A hyper-connected world can make you feel on edge. It can increase stress and anxiety. It can also make you feel that you always have to be available to do everything. 

Schedule some alone time each day. The solitude will give you a chance to reflect, plan, de-stress, and re-energize. Try yoga, meditation, journaling, or keeping a diary.

Pursue activities that make you feel peaceful and calm. Whether you hike in a park or dance in your living room, relax and disconnect from the world for a moment.

You can discover inner balance despite living in a hyper-connected world. Make these strategies daily habits and enjoy greater peace.

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Episode 25 – What are the Benefits of Change? How Can They Strengthen Your Relationships? – Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti (Podcast)

In this podcast Episode 25 – What are the Benefits of Change? How Can They Strengthen Your Relationships? Angela and Patti discuss change and how it can strengthen relationships.

To listen to the full podcast click below: – Episode 25 – What are the Benefits of Change? How Can They Strengthen Your Relationships?

Let’s think about – What are the benefits of being more grateful, thankful, light-hearted, friendly, kind, and positive?

Here are some possible benefits:

❤️ Positive thinking attracts good things to you.

❤️ A positive outlook creates meaningful relationships.

❤️ Being positive decreases depression and anxiety.

❤️ Positive thoughts increase motivation, inspiration, and creativity.

❤️ Being positive improves the immune system.

While, Reflecting on these benefits, why do you think society isn’t more positive?

How do we change a negative culture?  Changing the focus to a positive, and an encouraging outlook towards each other, which increases motivation, creativity, better health, improves relationships whether at home or work, and it makes the environment  a better place too.

What else can we do?

❤️ Affirmations are a great way to help change your outlook to the better.  I would use Affirmation driving on my way to work and to get me through the day.  Here is an example of an Affirmation“Positive thinking is changing my relationships for the better!”  Repeat it throughout the day, silently or out loud.

❤️ Self-reflection is another strategy to improve and change our attitude for the better. Here is a self reflection question to journal about:  How am I creating more positivity in my life?—What-are-the-Benefits-of-Change–How-Can-They-Strengthen-Your-Relationships-eick1k

❤️ Pray to God for the change you want to see in your life, for the world and have faith it will happen.  It may not happen the way you thought it would, it will probably be so much better.  Keeping the faith in the good around us and not in the fear and anger being thrown in our direction.  🙂

❤️Spend time in meditation to calm and lighten your spirit. Smile, think good thoughts and speak kindly to those around you.  By doing this it will change the way others treat you as well.

❤️ Tell your spouse/partner, children, and parents you love them every time you talk to them or see them.  Love can change the world.  People who feel loved, radiate love. How am I creating more positivity in my life?

Patti’s blog post on What! Sensitivity Training?    

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Here is a short audio clip of BBR podcast episode 25 – What are the benefits of change?  How can they strengthen your relationships?  

To listen to the full podcast click here BBR podcast episode 25 – What are the benefits of change?  How can they strengthen your relationships?

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On the EDGE

On the EDGE

Are you on the edge looking down the cliff of disaster?  Is there something you are doing or feeling that is not right for you which may hurt you or others and you need to stop?  Are you in a dead end job and you just can’t take it anymore and you are doing nothing to change your situation?  Are you hanging out with people who are dragging you down instead of encouraging you to pursue your goals and aspirations?  Do you constantly complain to friends and family about your situation but don’t take any steps to change it?

Why do we do these things to ourselves instead of stopping and self-reflecting “What is making me so unhappy” and staying in these conditions?

Do you think it is time to look at what is making you miserable and fix it?

Change the situation and make life better.

What is holding you back and you need to get rid of?

How will you change this situation?

Life is so much better if you shift your mindset.

What about hiring a coach to assist you in figuring out what is dragging you down and get you off the edge of that cliff.  Isn’t it time to  start looking up at the sky with meaning, purpose and happiness?

Having someone support, encourage and hold you accountable is the first step to change.  What are you waiting for? ~ Patti


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