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Exploring Changing The Feeling of Dread At Work To Excitement Again From Chaos To Calm

Click to listen to Episode 13 – Exploring Changing The Feeling of Dread At Work To Excitement Again From Chaos to Calm.

This podcast episode will discuss and reflect on changing the feeling of dread at work to excitement again. 

Hi, Managers and Supervisors. How’s it going?

Do you remember the days you were excited to get up and work?

You loved having this career and learning new things. You lit up the office with your enthusiasm. You were like a sponge; you soaked up all the knowledge you could get. 

When did everything at work change from excitement to dread?

Was it a slow fade over time?

How did it happen?

What changed in you, and when did you start to dread going into the office?

Was there disappointment or being set up for failure?

A new boss, was there Unethical people getting promoted?

A shift in the company vision or goals?

Unreasonable workload?

Have the work duties changed?

Too many ridiculous meetings?

Too many emails to answer?

Are the work schedule boundaries blurred?

We all have been here at some time or another with a job. We want something more challenging and exciting if you feel like this; maybe it is time for a new direction in your career path. 

As managers or supervisors, we must realize that our employees also get to this point of dread when they no longer feel challenged or excited to come to work. We need to look for those signs that they are bored and the job is not lighting them up anymore. 

What can you do to help them enjoy work again?  

Has something changed in the work environment? If so, what is it? What’s the true undercurrent causing the dread? Is there a solution?

A leader’s words, actions, and deeds set the path for how the team interacts with you, the team, and customers, contributing to the energy and flow of the work environment. 

Are you leading by your emotions, your staff’s emotions, company policies, or critical thinking? 

How is your attitude at work affecting those around you and yourself?  

You know what you want and what you don’t want. So what is holding you in a job that you feel bored and on the road to nowhere? What can you do to change this back to feeling excited again? Do you have a mentor or coach helping you to succeed and promote within your company?

How is your employee’s attitude at work? 

What’s holding them back in their job performances? 

Are you mentoring and coaching them to succeed?

What could make you feel alive again in your work situation? 

Reflect on all these questions and think about what are some solutions for you. You know something needs to give, but the only way it will change is if you put it into action.  

Today’s podcast Affirmation

Each day I am developing my career and my staff!

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Until next time when we meet again!

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Episode 63 – Becoming a Leader in the Workplace for Better Relationships

Click to listen to Episode 63 – Becoming a Leaders in the Workplace for Better Relationships

Patti and Angela explore leadership in the workplace.  

Patti is a Leadership and Work-Life Balance coach specializing in helping Managers and Supervisors. Patti has a monthly mini-podcast called Exploring Life and Work with Patti from Chaos to Calm. This podcast is for you if you are a manager or supervisor who has focused on your career for years and now wants to live a more purposeful and balanced life outside of work. These mini-podcast episodes inspire life and work strategies to maintain sanity within your busy day, from chaos to calm. Patti’s Podcast Exploring Life and Work with Patti from Chaos to Calm tackles issues that affect leaders directly.

Here some questions to ask yourself and reflect on if you’re in a leadership role or thinking about pursuing a leadership position?

How do you speak to others?

Do you enjoy working with others?

Are you a team player?

Are you willing to be accountable for other people’s actions?

Are you ready to hold yourself responsible for your actions, admit when you are wrong, and apologize when needed?

Are you ready to give honest, constructive feedback to staff members?

Are you dedicated, dependable, trustworthy, ethical, and loyal to your company and employees?

How did you feel after answering these questions?

Being accountable for yourself and others is not something to take lightly. There are times when mistakes happen, and you have to accept the consequences of those mistakes and not blame everyone else around you but take responsibility even when one of your staff members did it. Then, learn from it and move on; believe me, Patti, know this is hard.

We tend to overthink it and beat ourselves up when mistakes happen, but reflecting on what happened as a lesson learned helps ease the process and strengthens relationships with yourself and others.

Leadership is an ongoing process of sometimes making mistakes and learning from those mistakes, and choosing not to make them again.

Reflect back on your working experience with your previous bosses.

What did you like about their leadership style?

What did you not like?

What makes a good leader?

How does a good leader create leaders in others?

 To work with Angela–

To work with Patti

To learn more or purchase the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation

go to

Incredible Work-Life Balance Hacks for Busy Leaders.

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Exploring The Feeling of Being Unheard and Underappreciated at Work From Chaos to Calm

Click to listen to podcast Episode 7 – The Feeling of Being Unheard and Underappreciated at Work.

Hi, Managers and Supervisors. How’s it going?

In this podcast episode, we will explore the feeling of being unheard and underappreciated at work?

This topic is for anyone who feels that they are not recognized or appreciated. As a manager and supervisor, this is a daily occurrence stuck in the middle between top management and employees and getting crap from both sides. So every day, you push down resentment, disappointment, words, anger, and chaos within yourself and others. 

One of these days, it will bubble over, and the dragon will explode with harsh words and actions.

You are to pretend everything is great when you don’t believe it yourself in the decisions made from above, but you have to enforce and ensure it is completed and done that way. You have to convince employees to change how they do things when they disagree and don’t want to.  

When you speak up with your concerns, you are ignored and labeled as trouble-makers or uncooperative. The yes people promote and get recognition for your work. You are the doer and get things done but not acknowledged for all your accomplishments.

Your boss has promised you a promotion numerous times, but it doesn’t happen, and eventually, a yes person gets the position and over you. 

How heartbreaking is that?

You’re so good at your job your boss doesn’t want you to move up they keep you stuck in a dead-end job or career.

Being ethical may get you passed over for a promotion. 

Why is that? 

Do employers want honorable people or not? 

Isn’t it better to be an honest person than not? 

I’m lost for words because this is really happening, people. 

Keeping your mouth shut is expected, and nodding your head in agreement is the norm instead of working together to make things better and sharing ideas and processes to streamline.  

Keeping mouths shut and agreeing is causing chaos, resentment, overload, anxiety, and burnout in the workplace because things aren’t getting done correctly and efficiently.  

How can this change?

How many of you out there has a boss you can sit down with and say; this isn’t working; the staff is frustrated and on overload? If you do. Show some appreciation to them every once in a while. They need encouragement to keep pushing on with a thankless job. These people want to make a difference and want to do what is right, and they do open their mouths and disagree at times, even when rejected and not appreciated.

When people feel appreciated, heard, and can express their ideas, they might go the extra mile to speak up and change the environment from chaos to calm.

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I am heard and appreciated! 

Did you find this helpful? If so, please share this podcast with others! 

Until next we meet again!

Coffee with Patti – is a beautiful way to express your appreciation and support.

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