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Episode 2 – Getting Social Beyond Social Media – Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti [Podcast]

Episode 2Getting Social Beyond Social Media

In case you missed this past podcast episode Angela and Patti discuss being able to be social without being stuck to the phone.

Click here to listen – Getting Social Beyond Social Media

People are losing face to face contact.  There is home schooling, working from home, solo-entrepreneurs, single parenting and much more.  Distance over internet makes people bold, they feel comfort behind electronics.  Interacting face to face, shy people feel more uncomfortable and their not forced to socialize.

How do you get social away from the phone?


  • Go and get face to face with others, and put the phone away.
  • Go to the same place and same time every week and possibly you will see the same people every week and make a connection.
  • Start going to meetups groups.

Patti’s view:

  • Stretch out of your comfort zone.
  • People cut themselves off from social opportunities before they even get there.

Strategy – Pick a place and go once a week.  Get past the What IF of past fear of rejection.  Sometimes you may never know who you may meet by taking a chance.  Take the risk and leave the what-ifs behind.  The most fun times, has been talking to strangers about the weirdest things!

Angela’s view:

Connecting to your heart and writing exercise.

What do you want to experience socially?

  • Not everyone wants romance.
  • If someone invites you to go somewhere.  Say yes.
  • Find people with same interests as you.

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Connecting with Others and Building Friendships

A few weeks ago I wrote about life changing subjects to consider incorporating into ourselves this year in the blog post It is a New Year.  The seventh key action step is working on connecting with others and building friendships.

I have heard people say there seems to be a trend happening of people lacking a connection to others. More and more people appear to becoming distance, isolated and lonely.  Humans are made to be social, crave friendships, and want to feel accepted and loved.

What can you do today to connect to others?  

If we want to have lasting friendships we have to be willing to open ourselves up to the possibility of failure and to trust people even when we are not sure we can trust.  How can we break down those walls and connect with others to have lasting friendships?  Building friendships is hard work but well worth every minute of working on it.

Do you think there would be less lonely miserable people if we reach out and help others by building bridges instead of constructing walls?

To keep relationships going, make an effort to reach out by contacting and responding back.

If someone takes the time to call, send an email, instant message or text you respond back.  People who do not respond back appear to be rude, self-absorbed or come a cross that you aren’t important to them.  This may not be the case at all but that could be how it is taken.  Respond back even if it is “I got your message.  Thank you!”  To keep good relationships with friends, associates, clients, family and others in your life make some sort of effort or people may give up on you.

We all get busy with work and personal lives.  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed.   When we can take a few minutes every day to reply back to others it strengthens our friendships and happiness. ~ Patti

Questions-  Is this a subject we all may want to improve upon?  How does it make you feel when others don't respond back to you?