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Episode 76 – Does Face Reading Build Better Relationships with Special Guest Joseph McGuire

In this podcast episode we had a Special Guest, Joseph McGuire of Clear Sight Communications.

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Joseph McGuire has been taught in the ancient Chinese skill of Face Reading (Mien Shiang), and Body Language since 1985, initially to healthcare professionals as diagnostic and communication tools. He qualified and practiced as a holistic therapist in several modalities for 30 years. In recent years Joseph has added skills from the fields of negotiation, interrogation and elicitation. His primary focus has been on assisting clients with C-level Interviewing, Negotiation, Executive Communication, Client Profiling, and Sales Team Communication Skills. 

He has worked with clients in Pharma, Aviation, TV,  Financial Services among others. He has now developed the Behavioral Negotiation Program for business leaders.  This provides in-depth understanding of their communication patterns, and how they’re perceived, detailed insights into the behavioral patterns of their counterparts, and real-time assistance in reading the room. 

He is highly experienced in the role of confidential, impartial and unbiased observer, and NDA’s are a standard part of client relationships. He has 3 adult children, and currently lives with his partner in Dublin, Ireland.

Joseph McGuire discusses:

  • Communicating from a place of authenticity, relaxed confidence and clarity
  • What is Mien Shiang (Face Reading) and how he uses it in his work – He also did a quick Face Reading on Angela and Patti
  • Some strategies to better communicate with understanding helping his clients with personal transformation
  • How Face Reading helps with better connection and relationships with others
    Face Facts
  • How has communication with younger people shifted

Thank you so much for listening, please share the podcast with others, and check out Joseph McGuire’s services and products.

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