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 Exploring Why Do We Avoid Doing What We Truly Want in Life and Work From Chaos to Calm

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Hi, Managers and Supervisors 

How’s it going?

As Managers and Supervisors, we set the tone of the workplace environment. Our actions, thoughts, goals, and interactions towards ourselves and others contribute to our staff, customers, and if we want to come to work. It spills everywhere if we are unhappy at home or work. 

I know in the past, I felt unappreciated and showed signs of a lack of respect at work. I didn’t want to be at work, and the energy around the office changed from exciting to unbearable. We all have moments like that and push through them.

Why do we avoid doing what we truly want in life and work?

Is it because we are afraid of what others think?

What if we all lived as we wanted and did the work we truly love?

What would the world look like if this was the case?

Would we be happy, peaceful, thoughtful, meaningful, and kind?

What if we held our tongues and didn’t say all the negative things in our heads and to others?

How would that change our relationships at work and home? 

What would the work environment look like, and would that change the work environment and how?

Why do negative thoughts and reactions creep in first instead of happy, positive, loving actions?

What triggers us to think negatively and say rude, unkind words to the people around us? Or consider the worse in others at work instead of the good?

Why do co-workers, the boss, and staff treat each other unkind instead of encouraging each other? What would the work environment look like if kindness came into the workplace? Would people want to go to work and feel safe?

What are happiness at work and home?

Is that what we strive for in life, to be happy, but instead, we have chaos, drama, and people mad at us or around us?

What happened to peace, calm, and love?

What is holding us back from the life we want?

Figuring out what is holding you back from enjoying your life is vital. Being brave and confronting it will end your daily life of constant worry, anxiety, and unhappiness.

What do we need to remove or change to create harmony?

Make a list of the things you want to remove from your life.

Here are some examples:

  • A toxic friend
  • A hostile workplace
  • A verbally abusive partner
  • A controlling family member
  • A destructive behavior
  • A controlling boss
  • Discontent employees
  • Low self-esteem

The big question is, “What do you want in Life and Work?” 

Make a list of things you want to create harmony and balance in your life.

Here are some examples:

  • Positive Encouraging Friends
  • A Motivating Career
  • A Peaceful Home
  • A Happy Loving Family
  • Good Health
  • Some Fun and Adventure
  • A Healthy Lifestyle
  • Confidence and Self Worth
  • Hire A Leadership and Life Coach to help you transition to where you want to be
  • Get a Reiki Session

What action steps will you take to change your life for the better?

Once you start the action steps, you will feel the shift from being trapped and avoiding to a sense of peace and freedom.

Today’s podcast Affirmation

I know where I want to be and take action to get there.

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Until next time when we meet again!

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