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Exploring How To Keep Your Team Engaged as a Manager and Supervisor From Chaos to Calm

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Today I will explore how to keep your team focused and engaged as a Manager and Supervisor. 

Employees make decisions and actions daily that can affect workplace morale, customers, the organization, and profits.

How are you and your team engaging in work?

Is there good engagement between you and your employees?

Do you enjoy the workplace atmosphere? Do they?

What is the key to keeping employees focused and engaged in their work?

  • Start with talking to your employees, getting to know them, and showing interest in them. Ask them how they are doing. Let them speak and listen to them. Provide some open dialogue throughout the conversation. Look at them while they are talking. Be present instead of thinking about other things.
  • Spend time learning about your employees. What are their backgrounds, interests, and values?
  • Provide on-the-job training to help them to succeed. Find their learning style, such as visual, hearing, reading a manual or procedures, hands-on learning, etc.
  • Give employees opportunities to grow in personal development. Employees who develop their work skills and a creative mindset will more likely stay and promote within the company.
  • Give employees special projects and assignments outside their regular duties when they have asked for something else. Employees who are satisfied and learning new things are much more engaged and focused at work.
  • Coach employees with encouragement and act on their suggestions if possible.
  • Encourage employees to network within the company.
  • Have employees participate in the hiring process and have the whole team meet potential candidates. Is this candidate someone who will work well with the team? Get their feedback and perspective. They have to work with this person just as much as you do.
  • Provide some recognition to the hard-working employees and the ones who complete their projects within the target timeframes. And show your appreciation for their accomplishments. Say “thank you” and give them praise for their excellent work.
  • Encourage employees to take breaks to help them get refocused and inspired. Stepping away for a few minutes rejuvenates people.
  • Set clear expectations and make sure your employees understand what expectations. Be clear and direct about workplace goals and objectives. Put the expectation in writing and follow up with the employee on their progress. They may struggle and need guidance to find another way to complete the task. Break down tasks into small achievable steps. This way, they will feel safe and start working on things.

Employees stay with leaders who show interest in them. They are more engaged and focused when they feel appreciated, making a difference and giving credit for their contributions. When a manager and supervisor reflect gratitude towards their employees, everyone will want to come to work each day and give their all!

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I am engaged and focused in my work and team!

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