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Building Better Relationships Facebook Live Today

Join us at Building Better Relationships Facebook Group we will be discussing Rediscovering Yourself & Rebirth.  April 29, 2019  6:00 PM PST 9:00 PM EST and 11:00 AM Next Day in Sydney.

What is the concept of Rediscovering Yourself and Rebirth?

Each day is a new beginning.  The sunrises and the sunsets. Time to release the old and start again.  Wiping the slate clean.  It’s often difficult to release bad situations, relationships or past regrets.  Rediscovering is about looking forward to the future and letting go of the past, which is holding us back on what we really want in life.  When you watch a sunrise it affirms a brand new day and life continues to go on. In the cycle of life, plants died in the fall and rebirth in spring. There is a time to end and a time to begin.  The challenge is facing the fear of transition or change and be willing to rediscover yourself.

If you miss the Live Event you can always watch it later on the Facebook group page.

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