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The holiday season is upon us!

Christmas Tree

Throughout this month I have been asking questions on my Coaching for Insp Facebook page and Twitter page about the holidays.  These questions are great for journaling, reminiscing on happy memories,  for fun, and connecting with others.

The holiday season is upon us!  Let’s have some fun sharing and answering these questions.

  1. Do you like hot cocoa with or without marshmallows?
  2. What was the best present you ever received and why?
  3. What kind of Christmas tree do you like better?  Real or artificial?
  4. Do you like tinsel or no tinsel on your Christmas tree?  Why? If yes, what colors?
  5. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  6. What is your favorite holiday book?
  7. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
  8. What inspires you this time of year?
  9. Do you like egg nog? Yes or No
  10. What main course do you usually have for Christmas dinner? example: Turkey, Ham, Tamales, Roast beef, Goose etc.
  11. How do you wrap presents? Take your time and wrap it perfectly with a bow? Put it in a bag with a tag? Have the store wrap it for you? Don’t wrap it at all?  Put it in a paper bag?
  12. What miracle have you experience in your life?
  13. What is your favorite holiday song?

My wish is everyone reading this blog has a wonderful holiday season!  ~ Patti

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