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To grow in life and be successful you need a purpose.  Goals assist you to achieve what you want in life.  They give you a road map towards finding confidence and obtaining your aspirations and dreams.

Set one goal and take a small step daily towards it.  Come up with a plan of action and do at least one little thing each day to move towards making this goal a reality.

Here is an example:  Goal ~ Cleaning the garage.  Each day pick up at least one or two things that are out of place and put it where it belongs.  Within 30 days you have picked up at least 30 things which were out of place and you will really see a difference in the garage.  This helps make it easy and not so overwhelming of a task.  One thing each day, how easy is that?  Just think how limitless you can change things in your life by taking one little step each day.

How about setting a goal and making an action plan of one small step a day towards that goal?  Then in 30 days see what you accomplished.  Are you up for the challenge?  If so, start today and respond back in 30 days on what you accomplished.  It would be great to see what you accomplished in those 30 days. ~ Patti


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