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Tips on making a big DECISION

My daughter and I have been looking at wedding venues for her upcoming wedding. We have visited numerous places. I gave my daughter and her fiancés a notebook to write down their thoughts for each place we visited. I suggested to her and her fiancés writing down first what their “must haves” and “things they would like to have”. Then as we visited each place to have the questions ready for each venue to ask this way you don’t forget to ask the important “must haves” to the venue representative.

After visiting each place they both write down privately a list of your pros and cons on that specific page in the notebook for that particular venue. If there are any “deal breakers” for them personally write it down. Then write down what you really liked about the place and what you didn’t. This way you can go back after visiting each place and narrow down the places with the most pros. After looking at which have the most pros review the “cons” and “must haves” list. Are these really “deal breakers” to you personally?

After they each pick their favorites review them together and start discussing the “pros” and “cons” together for each venue. This will help in determining the perfect place for both of them to get married. I recommend using these techniques with any big decision you encounter to assist in making the best decision for you. ~ Patti

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