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Sharing openly, Laughing often, Trusting always, Caring deeply – Anonymous

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Why are people so afraid to share openly, laugh often, trust others and care deeply? 

As a Supervisor it is very frustrating to me when others are not open and honest about their feelings and the stuff that is bothering them.  The little things start to turn into big things if they are not addressed. How are things going to change if people can’t be open and honest about things?  Why is there so much back stabbing and gossiping instead of sharing openly, laughing, trusting and caring for others in the workplace?  What has happened to compassion and empathy towards others?  It appears others would rather talk harsh about others behind their back and say very unkind things rather than speak to the person directly.  How are others going to know how you feel if you would rather gossip about them instead of caring about the person enough to be truthful and honest with them.  If you want to be a good person and care about others you should be open and honest in a kind way not ugly with gossiping.

Why do people like to cause discord and strife in the workplace?  Me, personally I prefer calm and balance in the workplace instead of drama and hatefulness.  How do you change this kind of environment in the workplace?  Why do people assume the worst of others instead of the best in others?  Why do people assume that a person is purposely trying to back stab them instead of realizing their intention was something totally different?  I think it all comes down to TRUST and RESPECT of others.  Really getting to know others and being open to other points of view and using active listening skills by being respectful instead of being harsh and ugly.  By coming together as a team with solutions to solve problems (brainstorming) new ideas instead of causing more problems with harsh uncalled for comments and bad attitudes.

How can we change this?  One person at a time and it starts with each of us.  When you are feeling ugly and mean inside towards others pull out your journal and start writing exactly how you feel instead of making harsh ugly comments about others and gossiping.  Step away from the situation until you have calmed down. I know this may be hard at first but by taking these small steps WE can change a hostile work environment into a nice place to work.

It starts with one person at a time are YOU up for the challenge of a better work environment?