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Goals and Group meetings

It is important to have clear goals in place and an understanding of how to achieve them. These goals need to be discussed in group meetings. Most companies arrange monthly meetings for their employees to provide a stage to discuss their problems and find solutions. This leads to resolving any conflicts, problems and achieves better understanding of goals and how to get there.  I meet with my employees individually on a weekly basis to review case work and to see how they are doing to meet their goals.  This time together is for them to discuss whatever they want or need to discuss with me.  We also have team meetings at least once a quarter or more if needed.  Monthly meetings are preferable however this doesn’t always work out with schedules.  Each team member will bring different ideas and techniques to the workplace. Change is good because it inspires new concepts which may improve our job performance.  By understanding the employees thinking process on what a team means this will help to achieve being a better team. – Patti

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