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Episode 70 – How Does Having Video Confidence Build Better Relationships with Special Guest Noleen Sliney

Welcome to Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti.

Click to listen to Episode 70 – How Does Having Video Confidence Build Better Relationships with Special Guest Noleen Sliney.

We have a special guest, Noleen Sliney, a Video Confidence and Personal Power Mentor, on this podcast episode. She helps entrepreneurs who are leaders, change-makers, and visionaries who desire to achieve things that are even bigger than themselves, through the use of video to BECOME and create their legacy. She does this by helping them skyrocket their video confidence, supercharge their selling confidence, become a magnet to their soul-aligned clients, and make a more significant impact and income with ease and flow.

Noleen also helps clients overcome perfectionism, get their transformational offers out into the world into the hands of their soul-aligned clients and master the art of taking aligned action! She’s the founder of the Video Confidence & Selling Society and Imperfectly Done to Perfectly Sold, and Noleen is known as “The Video Visibility Queen.” Originally from Ireland, Noleen has lived in 5 countries (so far), including Germany, Poland, and Austria. She speaks English and German and is currently learning Italian. She loves nature and animals, has a bit of tea addiction, and loves supporting her home province rugby team.

In this interview, Noleen discusses how she became a Video Confidence and Personal Power Mentor and how she helps others feel confident on video and in selling their products and services. 

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Noleen Sliney’s OFFER: 
Noleen Sliney has a free guide for the audience. Ready to sell your offerings with ease in just a few minutes? Here’s the great news – You DO NOT have to spend endless hours creating and presenting on sales calls, webinars, and free challenges to sell your incredible offerings! In this FREE guide, you’ll discover three super quick and simple ways to use video to share your offers and increase sales effortlessly. Even if you have visibility blocks, don’t feel confident on camera, and have fears of selling on video, you can create these within minutes and share them with your audience immediately.

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Episode 68 – Falling from Grace and Coming Back Stronger

In this podcast episode, Angela Ambrosia will be sharing her unexpected health journey of what happened in June 2022, which took her off from doing the podcast for several months.

How it changed her outlook on life and her relationships with herself and others.

What is important in Angela’s life now?

What did she discover after this fall from grace?

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Episode 61 – Twin Flame is it a Myth or Reality

Click to listen to Episode 61 – Twin Flame is it a Myth or Reality

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In this episode, Angela and Patti will discuss whether Twin Flame is a myth or the real deal.

This topic came about when someone asked Patti about twin flame. Patti didn’t know much about twin flame, so Patti asked Angela if she knew about the twin flame concept. Angela does and suggested we do a podcast episode on this topic.

Does the twin flame concept give the appearance of Fear of Missing Out? “Everyone else has this ideal relationship but I don’t”.

Constant Craving – remember KD Lang?

Angela – Remember the Diary of Bridget Jones Movies? 

1. Why do you want to have this powerful intimate connection?

2. If you want a life-long powerful intimate connection – what are you excited about sharing with someone over a life-time?  A life-long connection requires a different way of thinking about love – like being there for when this person goes through sickness, grief and even death.

3. What do you want to experience in being a witness to someone else’s life and journey?

4. If this person that you think is your twin flame does not stay in your life – why do you still want them to be in your life? What is it that you deeply want from a physical relationship with a partner?

Angela – In that film – I’m not spoiling it – but Susan Sarandon’s character says that she sees her role as a partner to be a witness to her husband and him to do that for her. For Angela is the greatest gift you can have with anybody – to witness their life and share in that person’s journey. Couples I see deeply bonded without labeling themselves as twin flames have discovered complete freedom in their relationship because they no longer look for their partner to fulfill some concept of love. – Instead, they sincerely appreciate the gift of being able to witness someone’s life and be part of their journey. The movie Shall we Dance does a great job of sharing that.

What soul group do you think is Angela and Patti?

Thank you, Angela, for sharing your expertise, in-depth explanation and opinion of twin flame and soulmates with the listeners and me.

We would love to hear about your perception, belief and experience with twin flame relationships.

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Episode 52 – Claiming Your Value at Work or Entrepreneur

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Summary of podcast:

In this episode, we look at the changing expectations in the marketplace where people are moving to offer their services for sale versus working in a job with a fixed salary and how this forces you to claim your value versus having employers or your own perceptions determine what you are worth.

To listen to this episode click on the link.

Self-Reflection Questions for Determining a Raise:

Do I exceed expectations of my job duties, job description, and why?

Am I the go-to person who gets things done?

Do I take on additional tasks, projects, and responsibilities outside of my job description?

Do others come to me for my advice, knowledge, and leadership?

Am I increasing my learning and knowledge within my industry?

Do people at work describe me as vital within the company?

How Do You Claim Your Value as an Entrepreneur?

Is the world interested in what you share?

Does the world understand what you share?

Do you have something of value to others?

And if you do – do you know how to communicate that effectively to others?

Can people afford what you have to share?

Will people want to pay for what you have to offer?

There are so many other people offering what you have; why would they want what you’ve got to share?

Self-Doubt to Self-Assured Common stuff that goes through people minds:

How much do I share?

Did I share too much?

Do people want to hear about it?

Will it make a difference?

Am I too pushy?

What if no one buys my products or services?

What if people are making fun of me or judging me?

Here are some questions and Journal exercises about thinking about your value and how you condition your value.

If you want to claim your value, you need to see the conditions you put on it, so that you will understand why you are using your time and energy the way you are and so that IF you want to, can change your perception about your value you can:

1. See how to change your mindset or perception about your value

2. Change the way you describe your value to the world, so they understand your value or

3. See how to communicate your value to the world so that they understand it clearly.

It is ONLY the belief that what you offer is worth a certain price.

How do you claim your value in what you offer to the world, whether at work or in personal relationships?

Patti’s new podcast ExploringLife and Work with Patti from Chaos to Calm.

Patti has the 21 Days to Optimal Work-life Balance for busy people and entrepreneurs who often fall into the trap that if they DO more, then they are doing good.

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Episode 46 – How to Calm Anxiety with Work and Money

In this podcast, we’re going to look at money anxiety. Angela shares some thoughts about the new economy based on sharing and caring about yourself and others which can help relieve tension and look at money from a collaborative and self-value-affirming perspective.  

To listen to the podcast click here

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During the pandemic, many of us stopped work, school, living the way we lived. Discovered many activities at home, which were things we used to do before life got busy, such as cooking, baking, making craft, making music, art, home-based exercise, journaling, talking to people, playing cards, etc.  And many people realized they were working and living in a way they didn’t like.  

Patti’s workbook the 21 Days to Optimal Work-Life Balance.

Angela talked about The Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) has an article on The Vision of a Well-Being Economy, which shares how “We must shift how we understand and build societal health and prosperity, looking beyond economic growth to collective well-being and environmental sustainability.”

Patti discussed – When negative thoughts or emotions enter your mind, you can allow them and redirect them. The trouble with worrying about money and work can consume you, but having strategies can relieve the anxiety.

Spend some time in meditation to calm your thoughts.

Listen to upbeat music to manage anxiety and manifest money.

Pray about the situation for guidance and peace. Journal about the problem which is causing the worry.

Go for a walk, the gym, bicycle ride, yoga or fitness classes or any type of exercise.

Repeat positive affirmations.

Hire a financial coach to help develop a healthy money mindset and reasonable financial goals.

Angela shares about Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr’s book Rebirthing in the New Age. It is hard to get a copy of it now.

One of her powerful ones is “I deserve to be loved.”Shakti Gawain has a great book called “Creating True Prosperity”that gets to your underlying beliefs around money and abundance and T Harv Eker book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Dr. Patrick Wanis that is a paid meditation download. 

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Episode 38 – Dating in Post COVID World – Changing the Rules of Relationships! (Podcast)

This podcast episode of Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti may be listened to by clicking here or on the player below.

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Angela and Patti have a special guest Belle Vivienne from Belle Vivienne Coaching, joining us to discuss Dating in the Pre and Post COVID World and what opportunity for online relationships has to offer.

Belle shares her experience where people during the pandemic are not using dating creatively and using online dating to dump their emotions on potential love interests or political grief and general angst. Belle shared how important it is to focus on self-healing and not dump your feelings or hurts about past relationships on others during the podcast. Taking a look at yourself and see what needs healing so that you can come to a potential new love interest and online dating with a playful and gracious approach and have more fun!

How we do dating and how we seek romantic love and build better relationships.

In the podcast, Angela shared how she was asked by a teenager, “What is chemistry?”.

If you are in a couple, or single and looking to experience yourself more deeply, Angela offers: Movement Meditation classes where you can explore how your body can know itself at both the physical and spiritual level. If you do the class with a friend or partner you can explore healing techniques and safe ways to support your friend through the body and through the way you connect to their body.  The movement mediation class is on Wednesday nights in USA and Thursday mornings Sydney.

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Episode 37 – Is Your Relationship Lock-Down Proof? (Podcast)

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In today’s podcast episode, we will be discussing how to fool-proof relationships so they can endure during lock-down.

With any relationship, you will have things that are going to irritate you about the other person. No one is perfect, and no relationship is either. You will have highs and lows during the partnership. For some, it is easier to walk away than to work it out. Anything worth having you have to work at it.

Now, let’s get real, there were many times Patti felt like running away, and that was pretty much my inner and outer struggles, not him. It’s okay to feel this way at times, and it’s alright to take a break to figure things out when needed. It takes two to have a healthy, thriving relationship. In relationships, you have two imperfect people with very different views on what a happy relationship should look like while trying to relate to each other, besides having a different upbringing, love languages, personalities, and values. Gary Chapman wrote a book on the 5 Love Languages.

It’s important to do things together as well. Have a date night at home – dress up, make a special dinner, etc. Sit outside with a glass of wine or beer, coffee or hot chocolate, whatever is your favorite beverage and watch the sunset, go for a walk, watch a TV show or movie together or go for a bike ride, take a drive in the car together to get outside and away from home. For more tips on surviving social isolation, we did a podcast on Episode 15 on this topic.  

How are you surviving the lock-down in your relationship?  

Are you looking for an activity to connect as a couple? Angela is offering an online Wednesday movement meditation class in the USA at 7:30 pm EST, which is the following day in Sydney, Australia, Thursday, where couples can explore healing touch with their partner to feel heart connection with your partner. It happens right in the comfort of your home over zoom and is excellent for those looking to do an activity that is not just watching Netflix and can break up your routine with something new and a shared activity to enjoy with each other. You can do it with a friend or child over 14 as well.  

Individuals can also join in the class and discover how to feel connected to your heart and build your awareness of what love is and how easy it is when you create a supportive environment.

Some things to consider as you think about your lockdown experience. 

❤️ How did you survive it, or how are you still surviving it?

❤️ What have you discovered about your relationship?

❤️ Did you blame yourself, your government, your partner, your children? 

We would love to hear your answers to these questions about your lockdown experience and some inspirational relationship stories of how being in lockdown together strengthens your relationship?

Patti and Angela are intending and wishing all the best for your relationships to build stronger, resilient connections that will prosper in these times.

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