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Episode 75 – Attracting and Creating Healthy Loving Relationships with Special Guest John Kenny

In this podcast episode, we have a special guest John Kenny, The Relationship Guy.

John Kenny is an award-winning Relationship Coach for People Who Want to Attract or Create Healthy, Loving Relationships. He is an Author, Speaker, Documentary Maker, and host of The Relationship Guy Podcast. He has been involved in personal development for nearly twenty years and has helped thousands of clients and completely changed his life. 

Some of the things John Kenny discusses on the podcast:

  • Why he is passionate about what he does as a Relationship Coach
  • What is an Attachment Styles
  • What is the importance of relationships in life
  • Why an unhealthy/toxic relationship can lead to more than you would imagine
  • How our physical and psychological health is impacted and connected to the quality of our relationships
  • How did age and everything he discovered about relationships change how he related to his body
  • How our subconscious mind is in control of the majority of what we think and do
  • His documentary ‘Forget Me Not – The Child You Left Behind.’
  • What is a Narcissist, and is it common or uncommon
  • His book and podcast

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Episode 74 – Building Better Relationships Through Feeling and Listening to the Body, Heart and Self with Angela Ambrosia

Click to listen to Episode 74 – Building Better Relationships Through Feeling and Listening to the Body, Heart and Self with Angela Ambrosia

In this podcast episode Angela Ambrosia shares about her journey of feeling and listening to the body, heart and self.

Angela Ambrosia is an Energy Healer, Movement Meditation, and Dance Facilitator at Dance with Angela and a teacher of Loving Relationships; she lives in Sydney, Australia. She teaches online classes and private sessions to open you to your healing gifts and natural joy. She works with people to develop their intuition and spiritual growth.

In 2019, she experienced a near-death experience after going into a coma from an aggressive cancer. Angela survived to the amazement of her medical team, friends, and family. In the years since her recovery, Angela realized she denied her own knowing that she would not die because she believed what the hospital thought was true. She is aware of how much we allow the power of others’ beliefs to overshadow our own, even denying our own life. 

She encourages others to learn how to listen to their inner voice while inviting and creating spaces to share themselves with others and experience true connection.

Angela shares:

  • Why she became so passionate about Movement Meditation as a way to discover self-acceptance and love
  • Her journey as a healer and teacher
  • Why do we struggle with accepting our body
  • How listening to our inner self and intuition instead of pleasing others
  • The importance of feeling, sensing and how this helps your students with building better relationships
  • Her Energy Body of Self-Acceptance Program
  • She shares some strategies to have a better relationship with your body and recovery of the body after illness

Don’t miss Angela’s weekly youtube videos; check out other educational videos on self–acceptance, healing, awakening, enlightenment, miracles, and more. Subscribe here on Youtube: Dance with Angela – YouTube

The Energy Body of Self-Acceptance Program Simple, powerful body connection exercises help you balance emotions and build confidence and acceptance of your body, personality, energy, body, and emotions.

The Body of Love Workbook on Amazon

Dance for Joy Sydney Starts Oct 26, 2023 in Sydney, Australia

World Dance and Sufi Movement Class online

Energy Body Movement Meditation Class Online 

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Episode 73 – Does Inner Brilliance Ignite Relationships with Special Guest Dr. Gaia Sciaranghella

In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a special guest Dr. Gaia Sciaranghella.

Click to listen to Episode 73 – Does Inner Brilliance Ignite Relationships with Special Guest Dr. Gaia Sciaranghella

Gaia is an Intuitive Mentor for Life Transformation and Soul Coach who specializes in mind-body balance, energy healing, spiritual awareness, and personal development practices. Gaia is the founder of “The Awakening of Gaia,” based in Boston, USA, and the creator of a methodology to awaken our Inner Brilliance, our inner energy propelling us to act in the world with vibrancy and confidence. 

She is also a Scientist trained in traditional medicine, so she brings a grounded and practical approach to her work in the spiritual and holistic health space. In addition, she has spent many years of her professional career in managerial and leadership roles. This prepared her for her mission to empower spiritually conscious and soul-led women to be Leaders in ALL aspects of their lives. Through her unique way of blending science-backed holistic medicine modalities with novel spiritual techniques, she is on a mission to lead women to access the language of their Souls in daily life, establishing a life-long rapport with their inner power and intuition, to live a more joyful, uncomplicated and deeply satisfying life. 

She has proudly inspired countless people to blossom in life and be more in touch with their inner wisdom through her online presence and in-person work. When not working, Gaia enjoys long walks in nature, exploring new restaurants, dancing, and making new friends, and she would love to connect with you as well.

Some of the things Gaia discusses:

  • Why is Gaia passionate about being an Intuitive, Life Evolution Mentor & Soul Coach.
  • What is Clarity Ignition.
  • She explains empowering spiritually conscious women to become leaders of a joyful, meaningful, deeply satisfying, and uncomplicated life.
  • How to discover our Inner Brilliance and ignite our relationships in our day-to-day life with zest and purpose.
  • How she explains what the Soul is to her clients.
  • How what she does strengthens relationships.
  • What is Soul Brilliance Reactivation.
  • What is Nervous System Rewiring.

Gaia’s free gift to the listeners: 

Gaia’s website:

You can connect with Gaia on her Facebook profile at

The Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation – Download Today!

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Episode 69 – How does Mindset Alchemy Build Better Relationships with Special Guest Janine Shapiro

Click to listen to Episode 69 – How does Mindset Alchemy Build Better Relationships with Special Guest Janine Shapiro

On this podcast episode, we have Janine Shapiro, a Personal Leadership Coach; Janine helps CEOs, established entrepreneurs, and business leaders looking to master their leadership skills and align to their purpose while running more effective businesses and living lives they love and enjoy, experiencing the fulfillment they seek.

Using her psychic and healing abilities and experience, you are guided to take aligned steps to find where you are and reach where you have always wanted to be

Janine Shapiro started as a qualified registered nurse, midwife, and psychiatric nurse.

Her love of learning and teaching now benefits her clients.

Her personal experience with health and back challenges led her to expand her healing practice using integrative, holistic healing modalities.

It was through this journey that Janine discovered her psychic abilities and passion for helping women like yourself to understand the impact you have on your business and life with your thoughts, words, and feelings and transitioned into helping you achieve your next level of success through releasing your underlying fears and limiting beliefs and healing what is keeping you stuck to move forward confidently.

Angela and Patti ask Janine an array of questions about Mindset Alchemy, Personal Leadership Coaching, How Intuition is different or related to Mindset, As a psychic and intuitive, and How she uses her abilities to help her clients and their relationships with others.

To find out more or contact Janine about her products, services, podcast, events, and workshops: Check out Janine’s website, programs, and services at

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Episode 62 – Building A Better Relationship With Your Body

Click to listen to Episode 62 – Building A Better Relationship With Your Body

woman in gray costume dancing on top of a rock
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In this unedited podcast episode, we discuss Angela’s Body of Love Journey and her book Body of Love: 10 Steps to Love Yourself and Your Body – A Workbook. Link to the Workbook

It’s been ten years since Angela wrote the Body of Love in 2012. Happy 10th Anniversary Congratulations, Angela!

Today, Angela will celebrate what she has learned and so much more about the Body ten years later, and Angela is excited to share pieces of her teachings from the Body of Love and how they can help you change how you relate to the Body. Angela also discusses how different dance experiences helped shape her mindset to love her body.

“The time you spend connecting to yourself and your body is how you develop and make a relationship with the reservoir of love inside of you that allows you to share that love with others.” ~ Angela Ambrosia

“The Body of Love is the part of you so in love with life that it is beyond the suffering you experience in love and loving others, or yourself or in being here in the world. The more you love yourself, the more you are able to be who you truly are.” ~ Angela Ambrosia

“The concept of “service” is stepping into loving and knowing who you are so that you no longer live a lie, and in doing so, you allow others to live their truth and step into their own loving being.” ~ Angela Ambrosia 

“But as you grow through life with higher principles of love, you develop ways to accept people, tolerate differences and enjoy their differences without expecting others to live according to your version of love and find creative ways for us to grow and live together.”

“The greatest service you can do for others is to allow them the gift of loving themselves. When people feel that you encourage this self-love in them as you allow it for yourself, they will flock to you and want to be your best friend.” ~Angela Ambrosia

To learn more about Angela’s book Body of Love and to purchase Angela books

We would love to hear about your Body of Love Journey.

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Bonus Episode 1 – About BBR – Why Building Better Relationships Is Our Future With You

Click here to listen to the full podcast episode of Bonus Episode 1 – About BBR – Why Building Better Relationships Is Our Future With You.

Angela and Patti shared why they started Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti’s podcast in this bonus unedited live episode. Their vision for Building Better Relationships at Home and Work podcast, the future of relationships, and why we created the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation.

Right now, we understand that many people are struggling with relationships. The spectrum of problems ranges from isolation, social anxiety, and feeling unloved to unsatisfying relationships to relationships full of conflict and even abuse.

Patti and Angela started this podcast before the pandemic because, as a leader in the workplace, Patti saw people being taken advantage of and companies not appreciating employees.

As a teacher of love and relationships, Angela saw that people weren’t interested in looking at themselves and seemed to have lost the ability to find love because they didn’t know how to love or accept themselves.

We saw how more and more people at work and in society were becoming inconsiderate, lacking empathy, and just lost. But, most of all, we want to help our listeners have long-lasting loving relationships.

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Episode 51 – How To Change Your Mindset and Relationship With Money

In this podcast episode, Angela and Patti have a special guest Breeze Krumm, a Financial Coach, and we will be discovering how to change mindset and relationship with money, finances, and financial systems.

person holding black desk calculator
Photo by olia danilevich on

About Breeze Krumm:

She is a certified professional coach and has completed the Financial Coach Master Training. She specializes in financial coaching, with an emphasis on helping you overcome a negative mindset and develop better disciplines when it comes to your personal financial management. Her goal is to help you achieve financial wellness and freedom!

A Quote from Breeze:

Our relationship with money is a very personal one. I have found that most struggles with money come about due to a lack of support or education around it from a young age. Traumas from childhood or even adulthood can affect our relationship with money. I know this from personal experience.

Here is how to find Breeze Krumm or contact her about financial mindset coaching services:

Email Contact:


Angela’s Resource to find out what’s your money personality:

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Episode 49 – How Balancing Thoughts and Feelings Make Your Relationships Better

In this podcast episode Angela and Patti will be discussing how having balance with thoughts and feelings can improve your relationships with others at home and work.

To listen to Episode 49 – How Balancing Thoughts and Feelings Make Your Relationships Better

woman riding big swing in front of waterfalls
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Angela: All of us have thoughts that are not happy thoughts. We all have thoughts out of balance, not kind, not great, and better not shared. However, once you think, an idea adds to the collective thoughts of consciousness in all human beings. 48 Building Resilience with Social and Viral Media for Caring Relationships I talked about Mass Consciousness, which is the collective thoughts and emotions created, experienced, and projected by humans through all time. 

Patti: Adding a little more to this about our unhappy thoughts – When we feel victimized, our thoughts and feelings become unbalanced. Working through those feelings helps to maintain balance and interactions with others. For example, looking towards the future with hope and gratitude while realizing the past was a life lesson to navigate a better tomorrow.  

Angela: Patti, you do Coaching for Inspiration with Patti. You inspire people with ideas, thoughts to think differently, creatively and solution focussed.  Do you find that humans are balanced in their thoughts?

Patti: Most people have a lot thrown at them throughout the day. They have not spent any time shutting off. They are overload and overwhelmed, and some are just going through the motions. Some are constantly in fear or defensive mode. So to answer the question, no.  

Angela: Do you feel thoughts are inherently negative and positive, and then we have to see both negative and positive and see what emerges from the two?

Patti: Depends on the home and work environment. For example, suppose they have a stable, loving, and respectful home life (positive) and have turmoil, criticism, hostility, and lack of love or encouragement in the family unit (negative). In the work environment: Say that they feel challenged, respected. Enjoy their job, encouraged. Acknowledge, praise, and feel heard (positive). However, if the workplace lacks teamwork, it promotes aggressive competitiveness, micro-managing, harsh critiquing, pitting each other against one another, criticizing, and bickering behavior (negative).  

There could be a combination of both excellent home life and horrible work life. Or an awful home life and a great work environment. Then there is both a negative home and work life or both positive home and work life. So which is the most balanced? Is it having joy in both places? Whether people realize it or not, personal and work-life run into each other daily.  

Angela: What is inspiration, and how could inspiration be derived from negative and positive thoughts interacting with each other?

Patti response:  What is inspiration?  

The definition from

Inspiration is inspiring or animating action or influence, as an idea or a result of inspired activity, a thing or person that inspires you. Theology or Spiritual – A divine influence directly and immediately put upon the mind or soul. The divine quality of writing, words of a person so influenced—the act of inspiring the quality or state of being inspired.

To me, inspiration is when you feel compelled or drawn to do something and feel good about it. Someone encourages you, and you feel energized and enjoy doing it.

When something negative happens in life, reflect on that situation, you can either look at it from overwhelm, distraught, resentfulness, un-forgiveness, or anger. That’s okay; we need to go through the process of healing. However, it is not healthy for us when it consumes us for years and holds us back in life, and we can’t move on. It can make us sick and change our perspective towards others that have nothing to do with what happened. When we learn from that experience and share how we moved past it with others who are going through the same thing, we inspire them to heal from it as well. That is taking a negative and moving it to a positive interaction of thoughts and actions.  

Angela: Whenever you have a thought, it could be a thought that has circulated throughout history – it could be a thought from your parents that you think is yours – but is it? 

Changing the thought cycle is important if it is harmful or unkind. An Example: Say, as a child you are verbally abused; how can you stop this cycle with your children? So it doesn’t continue. Change your interaction and words towards them in a kinder way. 

If you’re a parent beating yourself up about your parenting, a good book is Dan Siegels’ Parenting from the Inside Out.

Parenting from the inside out, so you can understand the conflict between how you feel about how you treat your child because of how you were raised. Angela did a Facebook live on mothering and its connection to lack of self-love and hate, which looks at how we blame parents and at the same time damn ourselves to feelings of being separate from love.

Angela: A big part of my relationship healing work is to see all the unconscious and conscious negative thoughts I have had about a person, which can be some time and even years. And then I start to see how those thoughts have kept that person away from me – and actually how the person, even if I never said those words out loud – the person has felt those thoughts.

Patti: Pausing, reflecting, and asking yourself, is this helpful to me and my relationship with him. Does it need to be said? If yes, then do it; if no, then don’t.  

Angela: Most of what is helpful to my relationship is specifically spontaneous in the moment and has no real basis in thought. What is fruitful to the relationship is based in feeling, sentiment, comedy and delighted at the prospect of being in my partner’s presence. And there is no thought in that space. It’s when I get specific charged up thoughts that I know to start paying attention to them to see what they are trying to make me see inside myself – and if they have something loving, helpful, fun and insightful for my partner – they will be thoughts that are not expecting anything from the person that are shared without a thought, without thinking about it – and they just sort of come out of me spontaneously.

Patti: Angela, I love this – What is fruitful to the relationship?

This episode has given us a lot to think about in our relationships, whether social media, home life, and more. We would love to hear your tips, strategies, or inspiring stories on building better relationships at home and work or about this podcast topic. If you enjoy this podcast, How about becoming a supporter? Click on the Support button in the Anchor App. Thank you so much for listening.  

Dan Siegel’s & Mary Hartzell Parenting from the Inside Out – (affiliate link)

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Episode 48 – Building Resilience with Social and Viral Media to Create Caring Relationships

To listen to Episode 48 – Building Resilience with Social and Viral Media to Create Caring Relationships

green leafed plant on body of water
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Today Angela and Patti will explore how to interact with Social Media and keep yourself focused on the impact that social media and addictive viral media has on how you treat others with care or carelessness. When Angela trained in Mass Communication we researched the history of documentary and fiction film, radio, creative video and theater. She used the term Mass Communication and the modern forms of Social Media and Viral Media grew out of these forms of mass communication as a way for every human to participate actively in all forms of mass communication. Social Media was a way for the people to create their own stories and respond to the mass media being projected on them or about them.

Is this similar to shadow work?

Shadow work comes from the term “the shadow self,” which was coined by famed 20th-century psychologist Carl Jung. In Jungian psychology, this term describes the unconscious parts of the personality that our conscious ego doesn’t want to identify in itself.  Shadow work is a process of inner work in which you bring those unwanted parts to the surface to purify, heal, and integrate into yourself. Your shadow isn’t something to be ashamed of or something to hate. It simply points to where you have work to do and where you got to give yourself more love.

In spiritual work we call this type of collective back and forth of thoughts, words, feelings, emotions and communication in humanity – Mass Consciousness.  Angela always been struck by how Mass Communication and Mass Consciousness are two very different worlds of the media and spirituality that have a lot to offer each other about how to control or worsen the negative aspects of human thoughts and emotions.   Mass Consciousness is the collective thoughts and emotions created, experienced and projected by humans through all time.  This includes all the literature, all media, all the thoughts your ancestors had, all the thoughts you have when you’re not even aware you’re having thoughts. Some people also refer to Mass Consciousness as the thought sphere.  However, Mass Consciousness is not just thoughts. It is the emotions and thoughts that have been experienced by humanity through all time. And these are not just in written form. Many cultures did not use writing, they used spoken words, they used art, architecture and all cultures had love and relationships, families, communities, tribes and these had thoughts and feelings. So Mass Consciousness is the collective of all these thoughts and feelings. 

There is always a reason any social media triggers you.

Often if you watch that media, if you literally just watched how the media makes you FEEL, you would get the TRUE impact of that viral media.

Try this experiment:  Before you even get on social media – take a note of how you feel and write it down.  Then go on social media for 5 minutes. Get off – and notice how you feel and write down how you feel. And be honest. If you do this experiment over time. You will see the difference.

There are some positive examples of viral media – like my favorite eurovision band from Iceland- that had a dance craze from their song “Think about things”  from Dadi Freyr and Gagnamagnið.

What are some Strategies to help listeners start to pay attention to how social media makes them uncaring, numb or disingenuous to their relationships?

Create or purchase a gratitude journal. Every day in the journal, write one to three things you are grateful for in your daily life.  When you practice being thankful for the things and people in your life this helps you appreciate others more which in turn you become more caring.

Be aware of your emotions and feelings when on social media. Remove yourself from social media  if you feel triggered and emotions of overwhelm, comparison or anger happen.  Don’t reply to a post when your emotions are high, if you do need to respond.  Respond back in a couple of hours when you have time to cool off, rewrite your response several times before hitting the reply button for the whole world to see.  Ask someone else you trust for honest feedback before replying. Reflect after writing the response – Is it kind, is it necessary, how would you feel if someone responded to you with this response? 

Work on halting the complaining and overthinking about a situation or comparison envy during and after reviewing social media.  One thing Patti does is skip on by posts that she knows will trigger her.   

The definition of resilience is the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.  Patti calls these life lessons.  

Let’s say we are overthinking about a situation that can really take a toll on a person. It may cause depression, anger, suicidal thoughts, sadness, ulcers, overwhelm, uncontrollable crying, anxiety attacks, and so much more.  

Being resilient is the process of healing and requires constant mental work of positive self-talk, the ability to let it go and move on.  

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