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A Day Travel Adventure To Sonoita, Arizona

On this day trip, I went with my childhood friend Krysti. When I had told her about my travel blog adventures, she said she wants to do a day’s travel with me; I said, okay, you pick the place. So the trip planning experience was a let’s go for it approach. Krysti decided on Sonoita, Arizona; it is about a 60-minute drive from Tucson. So we met in Tucson and started our voyage from there. Krysti made some Sonoita Coffee Roasters – Medium Roast Sonoita Sunrise blend coffee to begin our road trip adventure. The coffee is so good! It seemed fitting since we were going to Sonoita, Arizona.  

Sonoita is the cross-road to get to Patagonia Lake, Parker Canyon Lake, and Elgin. In addition, there are a few wineries in the communities of Sonoita and Elgin on the beautiful scenic route of Highway 83. 

Sonoita & Elgin Visitor Guide Map

Our first stop was Corner Scoop restaurant in Sonoita, with an outdoor sitting area, for lunch. I ordered an Italian sandwich with pickles. It was delicious.

Our next stop was the Sonoita Vineyards for wine tasting. We walked up to the bar, and I tried the Sweet & Lights wines. The place was in a beautiful setting. The people there were pleasant and friendly and had some unique merchandise for sale.    

The next stop was The Village of Elgin Winery for some more wine tasting. I have to say this was my happy wine place. I tasted the Sangaria’s Berry Rose (Blackberry and Raspberry) and Morgana (Pomegranate and Strawberry). I bought a bottle of each. Krysti liked the wine and gin there as well. 

Patti at The Village of Elgin Winery

Krysti’s wine and gin selection

Everywhere we went in Sonoita and Elgin, we saw Sonoita Coffee Roaster Organic Coffee.  

We met up with the co-owner Benjamin de la Garza, and he was gracious to explain to us how the coffee beans roasted. Sonoita Coffee Roasters traces back to 2010 as a coffee roasting hobby. After six years of hobby roasting and building interest in the town for locally roasted organic coffee, the Sonoita Coffee Roasters LLC began in Sonoita, Arizona. The company grew its clientele locally through word-of-mouth advertising and by participating in local coffee-related events. After learning Sonoita Coffee Roasters’ roasting methodology, Benjamin and Jessica de la Garza purchased the company in 2018. Sonoita Coffee Roasters focuses on the local Sonoita community while expanding its market outwards to the Tucson Metropolitan area, Patagonia, Benson, Sierra Vista, Wilcox, and online markets. They believe fresher is better and in roasting frequently to provide the highest quality product. Roast days are Mondays and Thursdays. 

After meeting with Benjamin de la Garza, we headed back to Tucson. 

In this adventure of Sonoita and Elgin, we enjoyed learning about wine, distillery, and coffee roasting. However, we wish we had more time to visit even more wineries and distilleries.  Until next time.

I would love to hear about your favorite travel adventures in Sonoita and Elgin.

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A Quick Travel Adventure in Flagstaff!

Being a Work-Life Balance and Leadership coach, one of the things I coach on is taking time away from work and enjoying life. I started this travel adventure blog to inspire others that you can take time away from work, whether it is a day, weekend, or a week-long or more vacation. It can be on a whim or planned out.

On this adventure, we took a two-day experience in the middle of the week to Flagstaff, Arizona. Downtown Flagstaff has a train depot in the center of downtown with lots of shops, restaurants, and bars.

A little history of how Flagstaff began it was a perfect location for providing a water supply for the train back in the 1800s; the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad began to lay track westward from Albuquerque to California. In 1882, Flagstaff became an established town with a railroad, livestock and lumber industries, and service industry of merchants, cafes, hotels, and saloons to serve the sheepherders, cowboys, loggers, and train travelers.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast called England House Bed and Breakfast. Wow, what a beautiful location, and the hosts are fantastic. We stayed in the Cellar Room. It was large and cozy. My husband thought the bed was a little too soft, if you like soft beds you will love it! All in all, it was a great stay. There is a gas fireplace in the room. I made the mistake of turning it on and couldn’t get it to shut off. It is on a timer, and I turned it too far. I’m sure in the wintertime the fireplace would be lovely. My husband opened the window, and it cooled down the room after the fireplace turned off. We had a good laugh about it.

The side of the bed and breakfast.

The back area, garage and the guest house.

The Parlor

The Kitchen

Down the stairs to the Cellar Room

The Fireplace

The breakfasts and coffee were delicious. The hosts were friendly and generous with conversation and answering questions. The accommodations had many places to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

Tom and I also took a walking tour of downtown Flagstaff. The battery in my camera went dead, so no photos this time around. 🙁

We enjoyed our short time in Flagstaff, and during our adventure, we met some friendly people at the bed and breakfast, from guests to staff along the way.

Have you ever been to Flagstaff? What was your adventure like?

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