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Episode 58 – Building A Better Year of Relationships

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Starting 2022, we wanted to wish you a beautiful year of love and connection in your relationships. So today, we are talking about the Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation that we have crafted as a self-directed coaching tool to help you attract better relationships, learn how to accept yourself, and build trust in your wisdom.

We want to help our listeners in their relationships throughout the year and outside of the podcast. So we created a relationship journal and meditation.

Do you ever wonder why we ask questions during our podcasts?

The secret to building better relationships does not lie in our tips and strategies alone. So we ask questions in the podcasts to dive into your inner wisdom and your unique perception and experience of your relationships.

Every individual is unique. As coaches, our job is to help you understand HOW you are unique and different from others – what we might call your strengths, gifts, and qualities and how to best use these gifts to strengthen your ability to relate and build meaning in your life and relationships.

The Building Better Relationships Journal and Meditation help you build that sense and understanding of how you are – and how you perceive relationships, and what you want to create and receive in your relationships.

While others can give you valuable feedback on your relationships, suppose you don’t understand your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about relationships. In that case, you won’t be able to be strong in your relationships – and you fall into the habits of pleasing people, having weak or no boundaries and being afraid of conflict, and not speaking up and avoiding people or relationships.

Right now, we know many people are struggling with relationships. The spectrum of problems ranges from isolation, social anxiety, and feeling unloved to unsatisfying relationships to relationships full of conflict and even abuse.

Patti and Angela started this podcast before the pandemic because, as a leader in the workplace, Patti saw people being taken advantage of and companies not appreciating employees.

As a teacher of love and relationships, Angela saw that people weren’t interested in looking at themselves and seemed to have lost the ability to find love because they didn’t know how to love or accept themselves.

We saw how more and more people at work and in society were becoming inconsiderate, lacking empathy, and just lost.

At the beginning of 2022, Angela sees people valuing relationships but is not sure how to make those relationships better either because they are uncertain about the future of the world and their lives and jobs or are limited in how they think about themselves.

The power in a journal with meditation you can write from the journal. The energy of the meditation works to build your trust in your wisdom and knowledge and is one of the essential pieces of working with a coach through powerful self-reflection questions within the journal and meditation.

With the Building Better Relationships at Home and Work Relationships Journal and Meditation, we’ve given you an easy choice to start working with your wisdom, intuition, and energy to create your foundation for better relationships.

To purchase and find out more about the journal and meditation, go to

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Episode 25 – What are the Benefits of Change? How Can They Strengthen Your Relationships? – Building Better Relationships at Home and Work with Angela and Patti (Podcast)

In this podcast Episode 25 – What are the Benefits of Change? How Can They Strengthen Your Relationships? Angela and Patti discuss change and how it can strengthen relationships.

To listen to the full podcast click below: – Episode 25 – What are the Benefits of Change? How Can They Strengthen Your Relationships?

Let’s think about – What are the benefits of being more grateful, thankful, light-hearted, friendly, kind, and positive?

Here are some possible benefits:

❤️ Positive thinking attracts good things to you.

❤️ A positive outlook creates meaningful relationships.

❤️ Being positive decreases depression and anxiety.

❤️ Positive thoughts increase motivation, inspiration, and creativity.

❤️ Being positive improves the immune system.

While, Reflecting on these benefits, why do you think society isn’t more positive?

How do we change a negative culture?  Changing the focus to a positive, and an encouraging outlook towards each other, which increases motivation, creativity, better health, improves relationships whether at home or work, and it makes the environment  a better place too.

What else can we do?

❤️ Affirmations are a great way to help change your outlook to the better.  I would use Affirmation driving on my way to work and to get me through the day.  Here is an example of an Affirmation“Positive thinking is changing my relationships for the better!”  Repeat it throughout the day, silently or out loud.

❤️ Self-reflection is another strategy to improve and change our attitude for the better. Here is a self reflection question to journal about:  How am I creating more positivity in my life?—What-are-the-Benefits-of-Change–How-Can-They-Strengthen-Your-Relationships-eick1k

❤️ Pray to God for the change you want to see in your life, for the world and have faith it will happen.  It may not happen the way you thought it would, it will probably be so much better.  Keeping the faith in the good around us and not in the fear and anger being thrown in our direction.  🙂

❤️Spend time in meditation to calm and lighten your spirit. Smile, think good thoughts and speak kindly to those around you.  By doing this it will change the way others treat you as well.

❤️ Tell your spouse/partner, children, and parents you love them every time you talk to them or see them.  Love can change the world.  People who feel loved, radiate love. How am I creating more positivity in my life?

Patti’s blog post on What! Sensitivity Training?    

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Here is a short audio clip of BBR podcast episode 25 – What are the benefits of change?  How can they strengthen your relationships?  

To listen to the full podcast click here BBR podcast episode 25 – What are the benefits of change?  How can they strengthen your relationships?

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