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Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti -Letting Go

In this Soulful Conversation with Gaia and Patti, we chatted about Letting Go.

Click here to watch the Soulful Conversation video with Gaia and Patti on Letting Go.

Gaia Shares:

  • There is power in reframing what we want, and accepting this may shift with time
  • The importance of not listening to outer conditioning
  • We cannot move on when we are too attached to an idea/desired outcome
  • The importance of being flexible and open to be able to let go and pivot 

Patti Shares:

  • Start focusing on what you want in life
  • Be aware of your emotions and feelings
  • Work on letting go of complaining, worrying, and obsessing over it
  • Spend time with positive, happy, funny, and motivated people
  • Create a gratitude journal and write something positive in it every day
  • Do something you enjoy at least once a week

Let us know your thoughts and strategies on Letting Go in the comments. 

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