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Episode 75 – Attracting and Creating Healthy Loving Relationships with Special Guest John Kenny

In this podcast episode, we have a special guest John Kenny, The Relationship Guy.

John Kenny is an award-winning Relationship Coach for People Who Want to Attract or Create Healthy, Loving Relationships. He is an Author, Speaker, Documentary Maker, and host of The Relationship Guy Podcast. He has been involved in personal development for nearly twenty years and has helped thousands of clients and completely changed his life. 

Some of the things John Kenny discusses on the podcast:

  • Why he is passionate about what he does as a Relationship Coach
  • What is an Attachment Styles
  • What is the importance of relationships in life
  • Why an unhealthy/toxic relationship can lead to more than you would imagine
  • How our physical and psychological health is impacted and connected to the quality of our relationships
  • How did age and everything he discovered about relationships change how he related to his body
  • How our subconscious mind is in control of the majority of what we think and do
  • His documentary ‘Forget Me Not – The Child You Left Behind.’
  • What is a Narcissist, and is it common or uncommon
  • His book and podcast

Thank you so much for listening; please share this podcast with others, and check out John Kenny’s website, services and more at 

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My Conversation with John Kenny – The Relationship Guy (Podcast) – How to Balance Your Life With Patti Oskvarek

I had a wonderful conversation with John Kenny – The Relationship Guy (Podcast). It was a pleasure chatting with John Kenny; he is such a nice guy. Listen and follow The Relationship Guy Podcast; you will get a lot out of his podcast. ~ Patti 

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