Beyond Comparison and Accepting One-Self (Video)

In case you missed the Facebook Live Video where Angela Ambrosia, Love & Relationship Coach and Patti Oskvarek, Leadership & Work-Life Balance Coach discuss Beyond Comparison and Accepting One-Self.


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When to say No and when to say Yes!
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Why Have Good Communication Skills?

Recently I went to a local bookstore to turn in some books. I’m starting to declutter my home little by little.  I have a long way to go and have been taking baby steps, one huge bag at a time.  I have books in every room of the house.  I guess you could say I became a book hoarder. 🙂   

When I was at the bookstore I saw a sign that said you can reserve a space on their large couch area for book clubs.  I thought this would be a great place for the Coffee, Coaching & More group.  When I asked about reserving the area none of the staff knew how I could reserve the space.  The manager was out and one of the staff members said to me they didn’t even know there was a space in the bookstore to reserve.  

As I was leaving, I said to one of the employees I’m a life coach and wanted to reserve the space to coach small groups.  She said to me, we need a coach here because the communication in the place is terrible.  I smiled and said yes, communication is very important and I can do group coaching on how to improve communication.  She went over and grabbed a bookstore flyer and said to me, call in a few days when the manager gets back. 

Quote: “Communication is the real work of Leadership” ~ Nitin Nohria

As a leader, communication is an extremely crucial skill to have.  The ability to communicate and train employees to assist customers when the boss is away is vital.  Employees need to feel confident to answer customers questions and not have to rely on the manager.

A supervisor is not helping their employees or customers by hoarding all the information. Being a good leader is about preparing employees to tackle all challenges that arise and provide excellent customer service so the business runs smoothly, no matter what.

Self Reflection Question:

When you are unavailable do you feel confident the business will run efficiently without you?

Please share your thoughts on this question:  What have you personally done lately to increase your communication skills with others?

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Day 2 of 30 day blogging challenge ~ The little things turn into BIG things

Day 2

The little things turn into BIG things

When we don’t communicate what we want and others don’t fulfill our needs we may get angry, hurt and resentful.  Communicate what we need or want to the person who is not meeting our expectations in a calm loving way.

  • Express the problem or situation
  • Express what you feel is a good solution
  • Express why this will resolve your anxiety or need

Don’t let the little things build into pain, hurt feelings, arguments, anger, resentment and regret.  Ignoring a problem will not make it go away.

Questions:  How is your communication with others?  Do you have a relationship which needs work in this area?  If so, how will you work towards a solution to fix it?