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Patti Shares on Colorful Foresight With Silvia Leva About Perception and Insights While Blogging

Click to watch video Perception & Insights While Blogging.

I was on Colorful Foresight with Silvia Leva Youtube Channel It’s Woo Woo Time. It was fun sharing with Silvia about Blogging, Intuition, Perception, Insight and so much more. Check it out, like and leave a positive comment.

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[Video] An Interview with Kevin Arrow talking about 30 day blogging challenge


Last year I participated in a 30 day blogging challenge through a Facebook group.  The blogging challenge is designed to help you become a better, stronger blogger, increase your visibility, and build massive momentum. By being in the group you get daily emails tips and they’re free at –  If you are a business leader and want more visibility for your business, I encourage you to start blogging.  This program is a great way to enhance your writing skills and blogging techniques.

After I graduated from the 30 day blogging challenge I continued posting my weekly blog post in another Facebook group for the 30 day blogging challenge graduates.  In this group the participates continue to encourage and inspire each other as well as increase their blogging skills.  Sarah and Kevin Arrow give tips about blogging from their expertise and their own blogging success stories.

A couple of months ago Kevin Arrow from Sark eMedia conducted blab session interviews with a few of the graduates from the program.  I was one of the graduates he interviewed so he and I sat down and talked about my experience with the 30 day blogging challenge what I learned and how it has made a difference in my coaching business.  Below is the blab session interview.  Click on the link. below.

Kevin Arrow 30 day blogging challenge interview with Patti Oskvarek


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