Patti! I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your coaching and leadership.  I have learned and still learning so much from you about being a good leader. ~ Sam S.


When I embarked on my journey to success, I did not know how I was going to get there or what tools I needed to guide me along the way.  It was not until I met my friend, coach, mentor; Patti Oskvarek who provided me with the guidance and tools I needed to proceed on my journey to success.  Along my hike up the mountain, I encountered some rough terrain, slipped a few times, went around some large boulders and all along I had my coach, Patti who would guide me when I felt like giving up.  She helped me to see that the rough terrain, family life, would get smooth with faith.  The slips and falls were practice to teach me how to get back up and keep on moving.  The scars from those slips are a reminder of how not to go down that path again and gain experience and wisdom.  The boulders were life roadblocks, you can either chose to try to push them out of the way, find a way to go around them, or climb them.  Either path I chose was rough and not easy, but anything worth fighting for generally is not easy.  My coach, Patti, helped me through some very tough times in my life was always there to provide support by either giving a shoulder to cry on, a tissue, or simply listening.  She did all of these things for me, but she never let me give up.  Her words of encouragement, support, positive reinforcement, tough words at times all gave me the valuable gift of confidence to go after what will make me happy.  Through my journey with her, I have stayed in school, learned to balance family life, and promoted to a position that is in line with my career goals.  She also taught me to listen to the heart, and to never stop dreaming or believing in myself.  This journey with Patti has taken about 3 years but it does not stop there.  She continues to be a thriving force in my life although I don’t see or talk to her every day.  Thank you Patti for giving me the priceless gift of confidence! ~ Ivonne

What has been your experience working with me as your coach? 
You are firm – when I am not. You are able to clarify where I may not be standing up for myself – or what I am here to do. You are fair, and you see what is the fair or appropriate thing to do in situations that involved partnership and teams and relationships with others. You have my back. You look out for me. You simplify what I am looking for – so I don’t waste time – you help me get straight to the point. ~ Angela Ambrosia, teacher of Love & Relationships
How does coaching with me make you feel? 
It actually inspires me to do good, be a better person, be INVESTED in people, be caring, be passionate AND be connected to those I work with. Think about myself and my needs AND think about the needs of others – while making sure I don’t sacrifice my needs. A lot of care. You make me feel I’m worthwhile, valuable and you make me feel that others are worthwhile, valuable and show or support me to support the value in others. ~ Angela Ambrosia, teacher of Love & Relationships


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