Building Better Relationships at Home and Work [Podcasts]

These monthly podcasts are about building better relationships at home and work with Angela Ambrosia, Love & Relationship Coach and Patti Oskvarek, Leadership and Work-Life Balance Coach

Episode 1 – When to Say No and When to Say Yes

Episode 2 – Getting Social Beyond Social Media

Episode 3 – The Many Masks of Loneliness

Episode 4 – Beyond Comparison and Accepting One-Self

Episode 5 – What is Being Authentic?

Episode 6 – How’s Your Love Life Competing With Your Phone?

Episode 7 – How Change Inspires Relationships!

Episode 8 – Rediscovering Yourself

Episode 9 – Taking Time for You and Your Family

Episode 10 – Easy Empathy Tips for a World That’s Gone Crazy!

Episode 11 – Tips and Tricks When Working With Someone You Don’t Like!

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