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How to Guide: Creating Infographics & Why


What are infographics? 

Infographics are visual images which explain information, data, charts, graphics or illustrations.

Why use Infographic in your business?

Infographics quickly and clearly explain complex data.  They are visually appealing.

According to here are 5 reasons to use info graphics.

1. Infographics make it easy to pick up useful information.

2. Infographics present information more efficiently.

3. Visual Thinking.

4. Because it’s viral.

5. Adapts to the new communication channels.

Why, How and Where to Use Infographics:

According to Business 2 Community these are the reasons; Why, How and Where to use Infographics.

  1. Displaying survey data.
  2. Simplifying a complicated concept.
  3. Comparisons.
  4. Where to use infographics; social media, email marketing, website, blog, white papers and press releases.

Tools for Creating Infographics:

According to Creative Bloq here is a list of 6 tools that are the best for creating infographics.  The 6 Best tools for creating info graphics

  1. Canva
  2. Info.gram
  3. Visually
  4. Venngage
  5. Piktochart
  6. Visme

According to Huffington Post here are 5 great online tools for creating infographics.

1. Visme (

2. Canva (

3. (

4. Piktochart (

5. (

According to here is a list of 20 cool tools creating infographics.

  4. PiktoChart
  5. Canva
  6. Info.gram
  7. Venngage
  8. Dipity
  9. iCharts
  10. Geo Commons
  11. Google Charts
  12. InfoActive
  13. Photo Infographic Gen Lite
  14. Get About
  15. Creately
  16. PhotoStats
  17. Charts Bin
  18. Gliffy
  19. Wordle
  20. Smile Widgets

Here is a infographic I made in Canva:

What is your favorite infographic you’ve ever seen?  Where did you see it?

There are plenty of infographic tools out there.  Which tool are you going to try first?  Feel free to share your infographic experiences and creations.  Which tool did you like best?

Comments are always welcome and please share this post with your colleagues, friends, family and on your social networks!

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